Mac Pro M2 (2023): Everything you need to know

The Mac Pro used to be one of the only machines in the Mac lineup that didn’t use Apple silicon chips – but WWDC 2023 put that to rest, with a brand new model being announced with M2 Ultra inside.

Massive RAM configurations and bonkers amounts of storage are all here, ready to go for a cool $7199, and it doesn’t come with wheels anymore.

The Mac Pro (2023) makes the move to M2 Ultra

The move to Apple silicon is one that had long been expected and the Mac Pro was the last Mac to move away from Intel and into something a little more speedy. The newest Mac Studio now comes with an M2 Ultra chip, so you can essentially see this as a low-end Mac Pro before you decide that it’s time to upgrade to something even more powerful.

Same design, different internals for Mac Pro (2023)

We were expecting Apple’s new Mac Pro to look largely the same as the one that’s currently on sale, and that’s how it turned out. There’s a lot of space in this model too, thanks to the M2 Ultra chip taking up most of what the previous Mac Pro had to contain.

Instead, much of the empty space may be used for a GPU in time, but Apple haven’t released details about this just yet.

How much will the Mac Pro (2023) cost?

Mac Pro with M2 Ultra model Cost ₹729900.00 in India

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