How to Use ChatGPT with Bing

ChatGPT has consistently proven that it’s one of the best AI chatbots of 2023. However, an equally used counterpart is Microsoft Bing Chat, which holds conversations and provides data. If you use one or the other interchangeably, we have good news for you. You can actually use Bing within ChatGPT.

How to Use Microsoft Bing Inside ChatGPT

Step 1: Buy a ChatGPT Plus Subscription

The first thing you require is to buy a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use Bing search with the chatbot. This is needed to enable some of the settings below. ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month and, in our experience, is entirely worth it. Here’s how to get it.

And then click the “Upgrade Plan” button to get ChatGPT Plus.

Finally, enter your card details and purchase the subscription.

Step 2: Enable Bing in ChatGPT

Once done with the above steps, click the ellipsis icon (three dots) on the bottom left and click “Settings.”

Click on “Beta Features” and toggle on “Browse with Bing” to finish the process.

Step 3: Use Bing Search in ChatGPT

With that out of the way, let’s begin using Bing search right within ChatGPT:

On the top of the screen, click on “GPT-4” to reveal a dropdown menu.

Then, click on Browse with Bing (Beta) here.

Now, simply ask ChatGPT any query that would require access to the Internet. It will automatically browse Bing and let you use it inside ChatGPT.

How to Use ChatGPT in Microsoft Bing Search

Step 1: Register for a Microsoft Account

Step 2: Log into Your Account in Edge

Step 3: Use ChatGPT via Bing Chat

Now, choose the “More Precise” mode. However, you can go ahead with any of the other modes on Bing as all of them use ChatGPT. Then, ask Bing whatever you want, and it will begin searching for you.

And as you can see, Microsoft Bing worked alongside ChatGPT and gave out answers to a random query we input. Repeat the above steps and use ChatGPT with Bing anytime.

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