Download 15-inch MacBook Air Wallpapers

Apple has once again chosen a location in California as the name for the new version of macOS. For those unfamiliar, Sonoma is a historic town in Northern California known for being a wine-making region. And macOS Sonoma has a new wallpaper inspired by the landscapes of Sonoma. Available in light and dark versions, the new wallpaper has shades of blue, purple, and green. But that’s not the only new wallpaper coming with the update.

Apple announced a new 15-inch MacBook Air. The laptop features the same design and M2 chip as the current 15-inch model, but Apple has created exclusive wallpapers to promote the new MacBook. And these wallpapers are included with the first beta of macOS Sonoma. Interestingly, the shapes of the wallpaper form the word “Air” when viewed from a distance.

You can download the new wallpapers in their full resolution below. Be sure to click the image and save the full-resolution wallpaper, and then set it as your background image through the Photos app or Settings app if you’re using an iOS device.

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