Samsung Galaxy Ring: here’s everything we know

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is now official, after its surprising (and brief) teaser appearance at the end of Unpacked 2024 and its subsequent unveiling at MWC 2024.

The long-rumored rival to the Oura Ring was the encore at the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch, where we got our first glimpse at the smart ring and… not a lot else. The announcement effectively confirmed the Galaxy Ring’s existence, with no details on price or the exact release date.

That said, we’ve heard more since then, and we can also make some educated guesses about the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s potential health and sleep tracking talents, based on the announcements the tech giant made about a big update to Samsung Health that’s coming “in the second half” of this year.

Given the growing number of challengers for the title of best smart ring – and some rumors last year from The Elec that Samsung had “started developing” some prototypes of the Galaxy Ring – the wearable had been expected to land sometime in 2024.

But now it’s official, what do we know about its design, and what features can we expect from it? We’ve rounded up all of the latest Samsung Galaxy Ring details here, so you can decide if it’s going to be your next wearable or fitness tracker

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Price

The Samsung Galaxy Ring may have been officially teased at Unpacked 2024 and unveiled at, but we didn’t hear a lot about pricing.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Release Date

While the Samsung Galaxy Ring is now official, we don’t yet have a confirmed release date.

But a Samsung exec has said that the Galaxy Ring will arrive “a bit later in the year”, and that’s been followed up by another saying to expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring in the second half of 2024.

Samsung is tipped to hold an Unpacked event in July, where the Galaxy Ring could be shown off alongside the New Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Features

The Ring will track four new metrics that are continuous heart rate during sleep, sleep latency, respiratory rate and night movement. The Ring will use sleep metrics to create a Vitality score and offer sleep apnoea detection.

Away from sleep, the Ring will offer menstrual cycle tracking in partnership with the Natural Cycles app, using a skin temperature sensor. It will collect heart rate information throughout the day. The Ring will track movement, including step count, but does not have GPS. This is in line with the cryptic statements from another Samsung exec who claimed the Galaxy Ring will also offer activity tracking, with “more health features” planned for the future.

We don’t yet know much officially about the Galaxy Ring’s specs and features, only these early subject-to-change ones. However, if that all turns out to be the final design, and the Galaxy Ring plays nicely with the big update to Samsung Health coming “later this year”, then it could be one of the best sleep trackers and best fitness trackers around.

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