Rockstar Confirms GTA 6 Trailer Release Date

Rockstar Games has revealed that the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will drop on December 5 at 9 AM ET. Rockstar confirmed the release timing on Friday with a post on X.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed what fans can expect from the trailer, but it did include an interesting image with the announcement that hints at what fans can expect. Specifically, the image points in the direction of the Grand Theft Auto 6 setting.

The image used by Rockstar Games to announce the GTA 6 trailer date and time calls to mind Vice City, the Miami-based city that was previously used in the GTA game of the same name as well as the PSP spin-off Vice City Stories. GTA 6 being set in Vice City has been rumored for years, with those rumors backed up by last year’s massive leak. While this still isn’t 100% confirmation, it does look like Vice City is indeed the setting for GTA 6.

If Vice City is GTA 6’s setting as this image suggests, one could take the next logical step and assume that other details from the big leak are still accurate as well. This would be things like Grand Theft Auto 6 having both male and female protagonists.

Grand Theft Auto fans will have their answers sooner rather than later, as the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is finally dropping on Tuesday, December 5 at 9am ET.

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